XRumer 7.5.28 Elite Was Released!

List of changes in XRumer 7.5.28

+ The program is trained to 10 new types of captchas, including flash captcha:

+ The program is trained to new engines:

XenForo (footprint "Forum software by XenForo")
WR-Forum (footprint "Powered by WR-Forum")
mvnForum (footprint "Powered by mvnForum" and inurl:/mvnforum/registermember)
Directory Script (footprint "Directory Script by PHP Link Directory")
FluxBB (footprint "Powered by FluxBB")
Bitrix (adding comments to)
FireBoard (footprint "Powered by FireBoard")

+ same as:

To recourses with protections like “enter numbers, on yellow background”
To recourses which footprints are "Spam-Schutz" "1. Die Zahl"

+ Increased success rate on already known engines:

VBulletin, IPB
phpBB (modification forumactif.com)
DLE (should be used through DLE_Spider.exe)
Drupal (first should be run in mode "Registration only" next run "post on behalf registered user")
Amiro CMS
Phoca Guestbook

+ added several new databases:

• LinksList Drupal.txt
• LinksList fireboard.txt
• LinksList FluxBB.txt
• LinksList mvnForum.txt
• LinksList phocaguestbook.txt
• LinksList PHP-Fusion.txt
• LinksList VBulletin.txt
• LinksList WR-Forum.txt
• LinksList XenForo.txt
• ReCaptcha_Profiles.txt

+ Type of database of links was changed. Now it’s possible to use any text file, and not only LinksList id*.txt as file name.
+ Automatic registration on Mail.ru and Gmail.com was fixed
+ In report file on Mass-PM mode was added information, what kind of nickname was used in specific resource
+ Adjusted mechanism of uploading DLL
+ Added an universal recognition algorithm of arithmetical text captcha
+ SelfLearning system was significantly improved, same as tool for training to new text captcha
+ Success rate of working with blogs *.insanejournal.com was increased
+ Critical sections of code was optimized
+ Improved work of “CHECK” flag in xmessages.txt
+ Success rate at working with guestbooks with footprint inurl:/entry/add was increased
+ Bug "link-circling" at ReCaptcha recognition was fixed
+ Processing of checkbox marked as “required” was improved
+ Processing of registration form, especially on vBulletin was improved
+ Handling of "502 Proxy Error" error was implemented
+ At enabling SelfLearning system in \FieldsForAI\Log.txt now are saved ALL textcaptcha, no matter if there is textarea or not.
+ Auto filling of unknown and random fields in the registration forms was improved
+ Was significantly improved recognition of captcha type like "Please click the image above that is ..."
+ Algorithm of checking of checkbox “I agree with rules” was improved
+ Automatic saving of unknown fields of forms like “multipart/form-data” was improved
+ Improved posting in LiveStreet blogs (in “Behalf of registered user” mode)
+ Increased success rate on DLE engine
+ Improved work with field types “radio” and “select”
+ Improved work with ReCaptcha frames
+ Improved work of flags FORCE_TEXTAREA and FORCE_SUBJECT
+ Program trained to bypass Ajax version of ReCaptcha (recaptcha_ajax_api_container), as example on Drupal blogs
+ Added support of Unicode text (now Asian, Chinese etc… language can be used directly in project)
Type of encoding is selected in project window in top via drop-down menu
+ Optimized convert of default site encoding
+ Now link generated by Secure.exe (for secure usage of XRumer on servers/VPS) is encoded in xuser.ini
+ Improved processing of xas_near.txt
+ Now in XAS files are used as symbols of separator "|", instead of ";"
+ Processing of file xas_near.txt improved
+ Now in Self-learning the text in front of the field is displayed in any language of the world
+ Algorithm of saving of unknown fields from SeflLearning system was adjusted. Now in Log.txt file are saved really unknown field, and not all fields which have empty value
+ Fixed the work of menu "Update"
+ In SelfLearning system is implemented automatic recognition of values of field after processing through Google Translate (from drop-down menu)
+ In tool “Database filter” added the possibility of visualization of distribution of results
+ in xmessages.txt in CHECK section footprint “Preview” was deleted, because often was used in the places where this footprint entered in <input type=submit ...>
+ Algorithm of posting through R-database was significantly improved
+ реализовано автошифрование ссылок, сформированных через Secure.exe
+ устранён баг, когда в \FieldsForAI\Log.txt попадали записи с пустыми именами полей
+ In SelfLearning was fixed a bug of wrong recognition of fields value like radio, checkbox and select
+ In tool “Database of links and reports analyzer” was added additional checking for syntax of closed quotes
+ In xmessages.txt from section TEXTCAP_FAILED was deleted footprints "the solution of task you submitted was incorrect" because it refers to detection of KeyCaptcha error
+ In the Schedule system was added the possibility to save / upload file of schedules from existing folder to new subfolder in Schedules
+ Fixed incorrect processing of HTML-content, which contains tabs in HTML cod (as example: forums FluxBB)
+ Mechanism of login/password extraction from email activation links was improved
+ Processing of registration forms which contain only fields for username and email (do not contain field for password) was improved.
+ реализована обработка флага BANNED после POST-запроса
+ Implemented registration of tag <base href="...">, plays an important role in links design in content
+ Fixed bug with incorrect processing of links with UTF code
+ Fixed function of “export” current links from threads monitoring window to “Debug” folder
+ Implemented new functions in Schedule menu
+ Incorrect link conversion in https:// was fixed in Post-submitting filter
+ Processing of redirects created in JavaScript was improved
+ Fixed a bug with incorrect usage of SUBJ2 in some fields
+ Updated list of user agent
+ In Scheduler was added “Pause for (time)” option
+ Was added self-diagnostic at program starting, in case if any files were damaged.
+ Processing of xgrab.txt file was corrected
+ Bug of showing of empty pictures at Manual captcha / Anticaptcha was fixed.
+ Improved processing of text capctha in DLE
+ Software was trained to new random textual capctha like: "Die Zahl 31 minus die Zahl 4 ="
+ Bug with processing of captcha with redirect "301 Moved Permanently" и "302 Found" was fixed
+ Added new tool “Additional posting in Rest report” (should be using after posting)
+ Processing of registration forms in situation when is reported about captcha mistyped
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