Want to Buy Xrumer? The Things you need to know before and after!

Xrumer is a software made in Russia, by a company called Botmasterlabs and the main developer of the program is known as Botmaster. Many believe that Botmaster is not a single person, but rather an alias used by many of the different developers that are actually involved in the development of the software.

When you are looking to Buy Xrumer, there are a number of scam sites out there that claim to be the official sites or give false information about the program etc, you should be aware of that, and you should NEVER deal and work with those sites. There have been well known cases in the past where sites actually stole credentials from users after tricking them to believe that they were the legit and official Xrumer sites.

The ONLY official website of Botmaster (and thous Xrumer) is Botmasterlabs.net
If you want to register on that site (in order to be able to Buy Xrumer you must register there first).

That is the ONLY website that you should use to get your copy of Xrumer or use your login/pass given to you by Botmaster when you Buy Xrumer.

The most common way to get Xrumer is Registering on the official site and then sending an email or skype message to Botmaster with your username on the site. He will then give you more information about how to pay for the program.

Price for the software as of today (June 2012) is 590$ (US Dollars) one time fee and there is also a 10$ monthly fee for using Xrumer.

Usually payment for most Westerners is done via Paypal and there is a 7 day wait period in order to make sure that you dont ask for your money back and other shady stuff. Also gives the Botmaster time to get his money and give you finger in case you decide to play tricks on him via the well known Paypal refund schemes that some users are so fond of..

We do know for a fact that so far Botmaster has not stolen any money from anyone (that we know off! :P) and that everytime the software is delivered. They/He might be slow to answer some times, but have patience and usually within a week you will have your own copy of Xrumer to play with. While you wait you can always read through our forum and get ready for the day the program comes

Xrumer comes together with Hrefer, which is a top multithread, proxy supporting, Scraper for building linkslist for Xrumer and a lot more than that in fact. If you need to do mass searching on the Internet, Hrefer is for you. And whats best of all, its FREE. We will talk more about Hrefer on another thread.

Xrumer can be installed and run only on 2 servers at a time . That means you can install it on 2 computers and run it at the same time on both computers. Some people either ignore this, or dont know this and face problems as a consequence. Once a month you can install Xrumer on a new server, but you can always run 2 copies at the same time (max!)

The most well known side-effects of the failure to follow this rule, is your account being banned and you loosing your precious Xrumer.

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